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What are pawn shops and how can I find local stores that I can trust?

Pawn stores are businesses that offer secured loans by using a customer's personal property items as collateral. At the same time, these stores also buy and sell used items for quick cash. Hence, if a customer walks in with a valuable item such as jewelry, gold coins, tools, electronics or such, the pawn store (the pawnbrokers) will offer the customer a sum of money if in case the customer wishes to sell the item. If the customer wants to be able to buy the item back, the pawnbroker will offer a small loan and use the item as collateral. The good thing about pawn loans is that if in case the customer is not able to pay the money back in time, he would just lose the possession to the item and the credit score of the customer won’t be hurt. You can locate the pawn stores near you by using the search option at The website contains a list of all the pawn shops located in a city as well as a list of products offered or accepted by them. On top of that, you can read through the reviews of all the pawn shops as well and based on that decide which shop to deal with.

Should you sell gold/silver at a pawn shop or at a jewelry store?

This has always been a question for anyone who is trying to sell gold or silver items. One of the most important things to keep in mind before heading out to sell is that you would rarely get the exact value of the item. Pawnbrokers tend to give customers around 60% to 80% of the market value of the item. On the other hand, jewelry store owners usually pay 50% to 70% of the market value, and sometimes, jewelry store owners won’t even consider buying a used gold or silver item.


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